Psychologist Max Polyakov and his vision about gambling

Psychologist Max Polyakov

How to Understand a Gambler According to Max Polyakov

A well-known psychologist, Max Polyakov, has conducted a total research of the gambling nature and addicted players. Fascinating facts came up during this interesting process. If you want to find out more about people who get involved in gambling, look through this article.

The master of psychology is sure that there’s nothing surprising in the fact that online slot machines attract more and more players each day. Out century gives wide possibilities to people who want to have fun, gain some money and try their fortune. Online casinos are no longer just dreams now. All the entertainments are on your phone today. It’s the easiest way to reach for a better mood because people didn’t have such a possibility earlier. But we still have to find out which games may fit your temper and which should be left to others. Keep on reading the article to dive into the gambling psychology.

What Plays the Most Important Role in Gambling?

People have always been curious, is it luck or only your skills may bring you winnings in gambling? And no one had a proper answer to that question. Players with a strong background are sure that only experience and wise strategy may lead you to a prize. According to this statement, new players should count just on their luck. But sometimes nothing really works and your chances to win only depend on a game. Modern gambling machines often decide who will be a lucky guy today. A young psychologist from Maribor, Max Polyakov, has his opinion concerning this situation.

He says that there’s almost no chance to win without proper skills if you’re playing cards. He spoke to many talented people who have a great experience in that area. They told him that they had to walk through a tough studying path and regularly improve their skills to gain success. Nevertheless, we can’t avoid the fact that card suits play a huge role in a game. For example, a new player can win just because he’s got a lucky combination.

Online gambling is another thing to consider. Psychologist Max Polyakov says that everything depends on your luck here. You can’t make any influence on a slot machine or change some of your decisions. You only can control the sum of your wager and hope that it will help to gain more chances to win.

Max Polyakov also insists that a strategic mind and logic have never been excessive for an online gambler or a real card player. A wise poker game participant will always find a proper way out of a confusing situation. The expert notices that men mostly count on their logic, and women trust their intuition.

A young psychologist pays attention to a roulette as well. He says that in case you want to win, you should develop a minimal mathematics strategy. It won’t give you a confidence that you will win but raises your chances to grab a prize. Blackjack is a game with simple and understandable rules. But even this entertainment demands patience and readiness to employ a good strategy.

Which Game Matches Your Temper?

Max Polyakov mentions that gamblers not always make a casino a permanent source of income. Some of them play just for fun and pleasure. He says that if you want to join their ranks, pay attention to your preferences and temper type. Then you’ll get the greatest pleasure.

Psychologist Max Polyakov tells about gambling
  • An extrovert. This communicative and easy-going character will definitely love craps. This simple game always gathers different people around a table. A company has fun, laughs, communicates, and meets a winner with excitement. An extrovert will like to roll the dices and watch the game development. Besides, the noise doesn’t become lower after people greet a winner. And that’s what a real extrovert likes the best!
  • An introvert. This calm person won’t feel normally at the crowded casino or sharing a table with some loud people. Presence of a dealer won’t be a good factor to relax as well. Max Polyakov says that a video slot will perfectly match all the needs of an introvert. No one will distract him and irritate with noise. He should only select a proper game type.
  • A person who wants to win quickly. Such people will like different slot machines, poker, Blackjack, etc. These games offer great winnings and jackpots. Scratch cards and keno are always Ok for such players. But Max Polyakov notices that online gambling jackpots are generated by a machine.
  • Conservators with an analytical mind. These people don’t want just to rely on their fortune. They want to control everything including the result of the game. The psychologist recommends them playing video poker, Blackjack, and other slots which demand an analytical approach. These people will have a pleasure to develop a strategy and count all steps forward. Their mindset differs from the others. They like to count, don’t waste time on thinking, and make decisions quickly.
  • Ambitious players. Those gamblers are mostly interested in a game process. They don’t have to win big but the process of beating competitors is important for them. Max Polyakov offers to play poker because this game attracts many players. Moreover, ambitious gamblers often take part in contests and always feel excited when grabbing the victory.
  • An economic person. The expert is sure that such people don’t have to avoid gambling. They have to pick casinos which give a high level of reward percentage, great bonuses, and special programs for players. They may save each coin but hit a jackpot by using different promotions.
  • People who like the attention and to impress others. Such people will have to join companies around big tables. They always need onlookers who will be present at their winning performance. Max Polyakov recommends trying Baccarat. Just prepare your best clothes and a speech of a winner.
  • Eccentric individuals with creative minds. Those people will definitely like to try something new and innovative. According to the psychologist, famous game providers perform new products every day and respected casinos add them to their platforms. A creative person will definitely find something engaging even in case it’s a modern version of an old slot. A poker game will also meet the needs of such people.
  • People who don’t like to show their emotions. Such people may get sad or cheerful at once, they depend on their mood. They don’t like to express their feelings and hide everything in depths of their souls. Max Polyakov recommends playing video slots because it’s a lonesome entertainment. You won’t have to share your emotions of a winner with somebody else or feel uncomfortable.

Did you find yourself on the list? You may accept these recommendations or pass them by, it’s up to you.

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Psychologist Max Polyakov Explains How to Understand a Gambler

Some people don’t take sport or casino bets too seriously. They just like the process. Those people adore feeling the excitement while they are waiting for a result of a game. Of course, it would be nice to win a jackpot which would cover all their bets. But there won’t be anything horrible in case of a loss. The adrenaline rules such people and they feel the taste of life in that way. It’s another chance to relax and bring some entertainments in their everyday existence.

Max Polyakov marks another category of gamblers. Those are people who want to win big and they start with really large bets. They keep raising wagers because they think that only in this way lady Fortune will pay attention to them. Those individuals keep heightening bets and in the end they win nothing. Their pockets and wallets are empty but they still want to wager. The psychologist says that you can do nothing to this phenomenon. The mindset of some individuals is unchangeable.

A simple truth states that sometimes it’s impossible to stop gambling when you start your winning path. All those prizes, profits, bonuses just blow your mind. And people who can’t stop usually find themselves with empty wallets because they’ve spent everything on bets.

There’s a fact that sometimes a currency trader has to equate financial risks when you make a sports wager or gamble at a casino. Usually, this level is not higher than two percent per the deposit day.

Today gambling is more accessible than it was even a decade ago. Max Polyakov assures that each individual can find a fitting video slot online and satisfy his emotional needs. Even in case you just want to have fun sometimes, it’s possible to start winning money back. People of different mental types may be united by the online world and make all inconveniences go away. Everybody: an introvert, an extrovert, an eccentric person will find something fitting his requirements. Such technology changes and development may lead to a positive slide in psychology. The excitement from winning a prize holds you for a long time and makes you forget about depressions.

Psychology Background of Poker

Poker is one of the most engaging games. It demands the presence of a sober and analytical mind which will be ready to think quickly. All the decisions should be made carefully. You have to think through all the risks and perform a wise strategy.

Poker may help to improve some of your intellectual abilities. You have to think before making the next move. On the other hand, we can’t match it with chess. Poker process has stressful situations but its manner is more relaxed. Chess tournaments are always covered with some silent psychological pressure. Besides, we know not so many young people who will meet and spend evenings by a chess table. Poker brings both fun and intellectual satisfaction at the same time. But players still feel some pressure even if it doesn’t match the chess one. Both real poker and online one demand concentration and mental presence.

Max Polyakov shows advantages of Poker:

Psychologist Max Polyakov: why gamblers do it
  • You start thinking in a few ways and count all your next steps. It makes you open doors to new alternatives.
  • Remember all the combinations and moves of other players.
  • You have to think quickly and try to make decisions without a complete picture. All steps have to be accurate and clean.
  • It teaches to hide your emotions, control gestures, and mimics.
  • Stay calm in any situation.
  • You develop analytical thinking and start dividing information logically.

The Final Words By Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov is a progressive psychologist who dedicates his practice to the nature of gambling, behavior analysis of players, and the positive influence of games on people. He has already proved that these entertainments have an excellent impact on people. They feel happier and excited after the winning triumph. Such an effect lasts for a very long time and a person starts feeling better. It can be reached by gambling at a real casino or online.

The psychologist insists that we live in a modern world which gives us everything we want: food, peace, different factors we can use for mental stability. People don’t need to fight or be violent towards each other to become happier. Gambling is a simple way to fix your mental disorders. Sometimes people dive into the world of a depression and don’t know how to escape this mess. A process of gambling may provoke positives changes in your body. The excitement from winning improves mental statement and brings bright emotions in your life. It’s a nice chance to feel the adrenaline rush and avoid the appearance of a blue mood. Moreover, people have smartphones which give them an access to a vast number of gambling sites which suit any temper.