Psychologist Max Polyakov tells about gambling and gamblers



Max Polyakov Researches About Casino Players

Max Polyakov Researches About Casino Players

Understanding different casino gamers

Max Polyakov through the research learned that those who engage in gambling earn by chance almost all the time but there are certain games which require having a good understanding.

See below the most important things which Polyakov learnt about casino offers:

  • Max Polyakov learnt that card gamers only succeed when they possess some gaming skills.
  • In slots, players may succeed by chance. No gaming knowledge is needed here; the gamble is simply required to adjust his/her bet well.
  • Ladies mostly depend on their intuition to win.
  • The male depend on reasoning to succeed.
  • To excel in the roulette section, gamblers must possess mathematics strategies. That improves the likelihood of gaining so much money.
  • Blackjack game is less complicated but it needs someone who is calm. The person must also be prepared to adhere to the specified gaming strategies.

Choosing a casino game that suits your temper

Max Polyakov also looked into this thoroughly and came up with useful suggestions. According to him, a gambler can only enjoy gambling if he/she is engaging in a game that suits his/her temper. Below are his suggestions for different tempers:

  • Anyone who is an extrovert (a person who talks a lot or is very energetic), should consider engaging in craps.
  • Anyone who is a conservative and also a logical thinker Max Polyakov recommends choosing casino games such as keno and scratch cards.
  • Introverts can consider engaging in slots.
  • Players that wish to be wealth in no time should play games like blackjack or slots.
  • Those that are imaginative can also play card games.
  • If you always like bragging a lot, Max Polyakov recommends choosing baccarat.

Max Polyakov also discovered there are some players who often want big wins and they place big amounts of bets. He said that this type of gambling often leads to loses and there is no way to help such gamblers.

Poker game

Max Polyakov stated that poker is among the highly engaging casino games. Gamblers engaging in it are expected to be calm and must be fast thinkers.

In fact, playing poker enhances one’s mental power. Gamblers are required to think before playing and this game also helps people to manage their emotions.


Max Polyakov finished by stating that frequent gambling improves people’s lives because it is possible to win huge. Playing casino games is also a good way of dealing with a mental problem. See more benefits at

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