Psychologist Max Polyakov tells about gambling and gamblers



Psychologist Max Polyakov and His Understanding Regarding the Casino Games

Psychologist Max Polyakov and His Understanding Regarding the Casino Games

Max Polyaokov found out that most gamblers depend on luck to win in gambling games. However, there are games that require players to possess some knowledge.

Understanding gamblers

  1. Important things in casino games
  2. Max Polyakov discovered that people who engage in card games only end up winning if they have the necessary gaming skills.

    For the card enthusiasts and the online casino enthusiasts, strategic and logic mind is not too much. Intelligent players who engage in poker game may always find their way out in case of any confusion. Max Polyakov additionally discovered that the female gamblers depend on their instincts while the male gamblers depend on their logic.

    Max Polyakov again researched about roulette game. He discovered that for a player to win, he/she should create a minimum mathematics approach. This increases one’s chances of winning. Blackjack game was also searched about and noted to be simple to play however it requires people who are calm and ready to use the correct approach.

  3. Picking a game that matches a player’s temper
  4. Max Polyakov stated that if a person wants to have more fun, he/she must select a game that matches his/her personality. For instance:

    • If you are an extrovert (talkative, assertive and energetic), consider playing craps.
    • Conservatives and people with logical mind should play scratch cards and keno.
    • Introverts should choose video slots.
    • Those who want to become wealthy quickly should choose slot machines, blackjack and poker. Such games have huge jackpots.
    • If you are creative and original, you should consider playing traditional card games.
    • If you like showing off, then you should consider playing baccarat.

    Max Polyakov again discovered that there exists a certain kind of players that desire huge winnings and always start the game with high bets. These players then keep on adding their bets believing that they will win but they lose in the end. Polyakov stated that such players cannot be helped in any way.

  5. Poker
  6. This is one of the most engaging games which need gamblers to be sober and ready to think quickly.

    Max Polyakov said that Poker enhances one’s intellectual capability. Players need to think before doing anything. The game additionally teaches players to hide their feelings and control signals and imitations.


Max Polyakov concluded that casino games impact players positively. A person feels excited and high when he/she wins, making him/her feel proud. Casino games are additionally a good way of fixing mental disorders.

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